June 20-22 2018 - Toronto, Canada  

FPGA-based Accelerated Cloud Computing with AWS EC2 F1 and SDAccel


Parimal Patel, XUP Senior Systems Engineer


9:00AM - 1:00PM , June 22 2018


The increasing computational requirements of next-generation Cloud and High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications are pushing the adoption of accelerated computing based on heterogeneous architectures into mainstream, as traditional CPU technology is unable to keep pace. FPGA accelerators complement CPU-based architectures and deliver significant performance and power efficiency improvements. In this regard, Xilinx FPGAs are now available on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) F1 instances, which are designed to accelerate data center workloads, including machine learning inference, data analytics, video processing, and genomics. Amazon Web Services offers the Xilinx SDAccel Development Environment for cloud acceleration, enabling the user to easily and productively develop accelerated algorithms and then efficiently implement and deploy them onto the heterogeneous CPU-FPGA system. This tutorial introduces the development framework, platform, the use cases, and offers hand-on experience on the following topics:

  • How to connect to an AWS EC2 F1 Instance
  • Use AWS F1 instance to accelerate complex workloads
  • Developing and optimizing AWS F1 applications with SDAccel
  • Optimizing host and FPGA code
  • Integrating RTL-based IP into SDAccel-based code (time-permitting)